All Roads Lead to You is a succession of snippets taken along a meditative walk through the streets of New York. The abstract quality of the images do not intend to portray the place in which the work was made, but rather emphasize  how homogeneous and indistinguishable the urban landscapes in our cities have become. To better understand how one constructs a personal identity within these surroundings, the artist examines the relationships between lines and borders on sidewalks and buildings to observe how they come together, interact and ultimately shape and guide our every day journeys. The asymmetrical composition illustrates how two different spaces divided by a border can exist inclusively side by side, rather than  being divided.

Each book is handmade at an edition of 39. Archival Pigment print and silkscreen by the artist. Binding by Small Editions in Brooklyn, NY. Design in collaboration with Storm Editions, Nour Sabbagh.

The works on paper are 17"x22" inches. Medium : Archival Pigment print, silkscreen and pencil. Ed. 5 + 1AP